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Customer Service Runs in the Family As a family-owned and operated business for over 25 years, we’ve learned that expertise in HVAC and plumbing alone isn’t enough. To maximize the value of your project, you need a true team approach where accountability and commitment is practiced every day. So we’ve built the best team in the industry with a culture that treats every one of our employees as a trusted member of the Tempe Mechanical family. Over the years, working on a broad range of commercial projects from industrial and education to healthcare and public works, we’ve built our reputation on being truly responsive. We value client relationships founded on a fundamental sense of partnership and believe wholeheartedly in the values of family, including integrity, loyalty and commitment, and in extending those values to the clients we serve. Read more about us →
Tempe Mechanical Customer Service

Commercial HVAC/R Maintenance and Repair

Commercial HVAC/R Maintenance & Repair

Providing the most comprehensive commercial heating, air conditioning and ventilation services in the Phoenix area.
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HVAC Retrofit and Replacement

HVAC/R Retrofit &
Equipment Replacement

Old and tired HVAC equipment likely has become inefficient and is costing your business money. Now is the time for replacement.
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Commercial HVAC System Design

Commercial HVAC/R
System Design

Whether you’re heating or cooling a large or small commercial building, rest assured our HVAC solutions are designed for efficiency.
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Emergency HVAC Repair service

Emergency HVAC
Repair service

We will handle your call quickly and have the expert team to respond to your heating or cooling problem within hours, instead of days.
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